About US

Since1996 licensed “ Globus Agency” LTD is well qualified provider of full complete of document’s arrangement for seamen needed in employment as required by Employer and for travel to embark as well.

Our services

  • Visas
  • Certificates
  • Crew list
  • Seaman’s ID
Agency is providing all possibletypes of visas seamen can need : -To embark vessel; - To graduate courses; - To get briefing with owner ; - To work in zones of so-called “continental shielf”. Detail
“Globus Agency” LTD., canto consult and help in certificates obtaining Detail
Agency is providingcrew list and respectivelyfilled up and verified seaman’s ID to seaman (client)for checking by frontier guard while passing boarder control. Detail
For now professional seaman have to obtain seaman’s ID by person in diploma department of any Ukrainian port. Detail


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